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An accessory and cute hair style

29 Jun

   She is Yu Araki and 21 years old. She is my friend in KUIS.


  Disney character’s necklace (Alice)

  *Hair style*

  She braids her hair and makes two braids. And she ties them up together.

  *Why did they dress that way?*

  She likes to put on a necklace and I often see her wearing a necklace. So she said that when she chooses a necklace, she decides her necklace which suits her clothes. Therefore, it is important to choose a necklace whether it is suitable for clothes or not.



 *How do they feel in what they are wearing?*

    She feels very happy.

  *Where did they get it from?*

   She bought the necklace from Disney store.

 *What do they think about when they get dressed?*

  As I mentioned before, when she chooses her necklace, she decides to wear the       necklace that is suitable for her clothes. So it is the main point when she gets dressed.

*Do they dress differently for different reasons/occasions, if so why?*

Yes. When she goes to a certain concert, she scarcely puts on a necklace. Because during the concert, she often jumps. So a necklace is a little bit cumbersome. It is a reason she seldom wears a necklace when she goes to the concert. In addition to a necklace, it is also same thing with hair style. If she has hair style like this picture, it is easy to become loose. From these points of view, it is necessary to think about putting on necklaces and making hair style or not. 

*My Comments*

As I said before, she often wears a necklace so I chose her necklace to make this blog. I like her necklace very much because she puts on a necklace to adjust her clothes every time. It is important. In addition to that, I like her hair style, too. Now, it is becoming hotter so this kind of hair style is good way to stay cooler.


Handmade accessories

28 Jun

“How do I dress with using these accessories?”

I use these  accessories when I dress girly style and feminine style. I like wearing these styles, so I made them which suit these styles. Also, these accessories could match with simple style because they are colorful and gorgeous.

“How do I feel when I’m wearing them?”

I feel happy because I can put my accessories which I made on my body. Also it makes me exciting when the pierced earring are dangling.

“What do I think about body supplements(Accessories)?”

I think accesories are neccessary for me to dress fashionable. It looks poor if I don”t put any accessories on mybody. Also it could be fun to collect many kinds of accessories.


As you know, recently I made these accessories. One of my friend is good at making accessories, so she taught me how to make them. It was first time for me to make them because it seemed difficult, so I had never make them. However, it was fun to make them. It took about less than 2000yen, so it much cheaper than buying at store.


28 Jun

NAME : Shiori Kato (KUIS)

The ribbon one was bought by her father for her birthday.  The down one is made by her. She bought a chain, a wire, pearls and a cross by herself, and made it.  Both of necklaces are tiny so it’s fits any styles.


ribbon necklace : 4c

pearl necklace : HANDMADE



Cute nails(Part 2)

28 Jun

These cute nails are my friend’, Chiko, who is a 20-years-old girl in KUIS. She is really fashionable because her fashion is not only well simple, but also cute and trendy. But I focus on her nails. She ALWAYS has lovely nails. Recently she has had nails that are for spring and summer,  as you can see a picture on  the top of my post.

These nails are my favorite ones of hers. They are sort of simple, but Union Jack and a red heart on each third finger do not make nails too simple, and make them look cute!I want these kinds of nails someday, too.


28 Jun


Occupation:junior in KUIS




Dress & Bag/marimekko

Pumps/I am I

Why did you choose this dress?

―   I’m a big fan of marimekko. I have many of marimekko’s clothes but this tinge of color is rare which I didn’t have. I fell in love with it at first sight. I like this pale color.

How do you feel in the clothes?

―   Happy and pleasurable!


I’ve also never seen this pale shade of marimekko’s. I like it too! This picture on the right is the ordinary color of marimekko’s designs. Her shoes are so cute =^. .^= Anyway, my  most favorite point of her styling  is the luminous yellow bag. I think it plays a role in the effect of color.

My Accessory

28 Jun


This accessory is folk art of Kenya and I got this one from a teacher as a souvenir recently.

This is made of beads.

There was also a pink bracelet but actually I don’t like the colour pink so I chose the brown one instead.

It’s difficult to see but this bracelet has many colors not only brown. There are also blue and green beads too.

My image of summer accessories are beads and the colour turquoise so I want to wear this braclet this summer!!

Fashionable stole

28 Jun

Name; Saki Miyaguchi (Tokyo, Japan)

Age; 20

Occupation; confectioner

She is my friend from high school. I really like cakes which are made by her. As I have said, she is good at cooking, so she works at a sweetshop in Tokyo.

Tank top; kastane

T-shirt; KBF

Short pants; KBF


Stole; flower


“What is the point of this coordinate?”

—-wrapping a stole.

“Where would you wanna go to?”

—-I wanna go on a picnic at the beautiful park. Then I will eat rice balls, omelets and deep-fried chickens.


Thanks, Miya-san:)