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Eco Fashion

27 Jul

In Japanese kindergartens, parent’s days are held. Students dance or role play on a stage. The students’ mothers have to make all costumes of their children. The mission is really hard though, it’s so glad for the children. The shape and the way of making is decided. However, some mothers try to change the shape little bit because they want to make their children cutest. My mother also remake my costume, for example she made my skirt shorter. As you can see, the children who is standing in front of a teacher’s skirt is shorter than other children. Actually it’s me. I thought that hand-made clothes are eco.


And I found one more eco thing in my house. It’s my coat. This is normal but look at this coat carefully……..

Here! This is an eco point. This is a corsage. The button was broken so I used this corsage as a button, so I didn’t have to buy a new button. It’s also eco.


My lucky charm

27 Jul

This is my necklace and I got it in Hawaii.

I wear it everyday and wherever I go because it is the lucky charm for me. If I put on this necklace, I can feel comfortable and I think it saves me anywhere.

In addition, I bought it not only for me but also for my mother, so she wear same necklace everyday. I’m so glad to wear same necklace as my mother and it has more important meaning.

However, sad to say, it was broken last week, so I ‘m so sorry. If you know the way to fix it, could you tell me about it, please…

Billabong cap

27 Jul

This is my favorite cap. I wear it almost everyday in summer. And cap is very useful when it is troublesome to set my hair.

surfer’s style

27 Jul

Tank top: Billabong

Pants: Ocean Pacific

These are  my friend’s clothes. He didn’t allow me to take his photo, so I take only his clothes. His summer fashion is cool. White tank top is very good when it’s hot. And I think this style is awsome when going to beach.


Title: Evil medical corporation T-shirt

27 Jul

 This is the goods of the movie and videogame “Resident Evil”, Umbrella corporation T-shirt. “Umbrella” created T-virus. Our bodies will decompose and we’ll be zombies if infected.

Look at the umbrella-shaped logo. That looks really cool!! I wanna be infected!!

Summer casual

27 Jul

This is a picture of my friend, Hazuki. She is junior student.

Pumps・・・Oriental traffic

She said the theme of this cordinate is “casual but cute”.
Besides, she told me her favorite point. Her favorite item is pumps because this design is so cute and it’s walkable.
Acutually I also have some shoes of this brand, and those are walkable for sure.

Pressed flowers nail

26 Jul

I met my older sister yesterday, And I found her beautiful nail art.

Althought she already started to work, she can have these nail art because the company is clothing company.
This use of color is brilliant and summery. I can’t have a manicure because I’m working at restaurant, but I want to have summery nail art during the summer vacation.