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My Favorite Bracelet

30 Nov

I bought this bracelet at Tokyo Disney Land 3 years ago. For sure, it’s pretty famous and many people have this one. As you know we can carve letters on this bracelet and it’s quite popular for couples.

When I was a freshman at KUIS, I went to TDL with my circle friends called FRIENZOO and we made it together. All of the members of FRIENZOO is the same age and it means FRIENDS (my circle name) + ZOO (all of members look like some animals). Just between you and me, my part is a chameleon. haha

We have 14 members and it sounds really taugh to go to TDL together. However, we moved together all of the time. I believe it is a provement of our friendliness.

After that we regulary tripped many place and now we’re planning a graduation trip. I’m looking forward to going abroad with them.



Favorite dress

30 Nov

I belong to a Hula circle in my university, and I really love Hula!

When I perfome Hula, I wear a variety of costumes. They are really cute, and wearing them is one of the reason why I love Hula!







This dress is my favorite costume because this color reminds me ocean blue, so I think it suitable for the Hawaiian dance, Hula. In June, I had a final performance in my schooldays, and I chose this one for my last song!

My Memorable Sweater

30 Nov



This is the sweater I bought at Hollister in the United States last year. I was livining in Missoula, Montana to study abroad for about 10 months. Montana is a very northern state in U.S, so people need to wear warming clothes such as this sweater. Even Missoula, the second largest town in Montana is in the countryside, there are not so many fashionable stores in the shopping mall, and Hollister is the only  store that provides clothes to fashionable boys and girls. It does remind me of the coldness in Montana, the people I met there and a lot of good and bad memories.

dislike item

30 Nov

I stopped wearing skirts when I was an elementary student except uniforms in junior high and high school. There was something that happened to me that I begun to hate to wear skirts but I don’t remember.

But I wore skirt in a class at university for just one time, it was  for fieldwork. I traded my clothes and my friend’s clothes during the class.

I felt very strange and uncomfortable when I wore a skirt. I looked in the mirror and I saw my figure, it was like I was a man dressed as a woman.

2012-11-28 23.57.06


My Lucky Pants

30 Nov

These are my lucky pants. It’s from Tripp NYC.
Actually, Tripp NYC is one of my favorite brands.
Did you notice that the legs are different colors?
Tripp NYC has crazy and cool designed stuff, and they totally match my taste :]

My Lucky Pants

In fact, I have a reason I bought these pants.
I’m actually in a band, and sing in it.
We usually cover a band called Paramore.
I have loved Paramore for like 4-5 years, actually.
I saw Hayley Williams the vocalist of the band and she was wearing the same design but different colors: black & white ones when I was watching a video of thier live show on YouTube.
I thought it was really cool and I actually wanted the same ones, but I decided to get the different color ones, because the store didn’t have the same color :'[
Anyway, every time I perform for my band,I wear Tripp NYC’s pants,because these pants give me confidence on stage :]

My favorite accessory

30 Nov




This is one of my favorite accessories.

These are glasses but I took the glasses off so it have no lenses. I feel like I am not wearing it when I use it, and it is comfortable.

I like its color because it is not just brown but like “bekkou” (torroiseshell) colored.

I also like it having two tiny stars on the edge of the frame.

This accessory helps me a lot when I want to set off my clothes, and I am happy when I am said I look good with it.



My favorite watch

30 Nov


Last Christmas, my mother gave the watch to me.

I like a second hand of watch, because it curves so I think it is unique.

And also I like the color, pink and light blue. I like this combination.


I wear it with white clothes often.

This watch makes me happy. Sometimes, I wear it in rainy day on purpose. I don’t like rainy day but, when I wear it, I can spend good time strangely.

I think the watch gives me a power!