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A towel

30 Dec

I bought the towel when I went Namie Amuro’s concert.


I was influenced by Namie Amuro, so I started to learn Jazz dance.

She is a precious person for me, because she made my life worth living.

Sometimes, I want to give up to dance, but when I see the towel, it reminds me the time when I started to dance. It makes me my motivation always.

Probably I will keep using it until the towel crumbles. When the towel will crumbles, I will become to like dancing more than now.


Shaved Ice

23 Dec


This is my favorite pierced earrings. I went to Honolulu this month and I visited one of the very famous shaved ice shops “ MATSUMOTO SHAVED ICE” in the north shore. The owner is Japanese. We can eat the delicious shaved ice of the rainbow colors although the one shaved ice in Japan is 3 colors at most. This shop is a long-established shop and introduced in many travel magazines and we can often see that both the local people and the tourists lined up in front of the shop to buy it. When I visited this shop, I had a chance to talk with the owner. He was really kind and taught me about Honolulu. I had a good time. There were many goods designs of the rainbow shaved ice and I bought this cute pair of pierced earrings.


21 Dec

We have winter vacation from  December 23th to January 4th.

I am going to see the illumination in Tokyo, but I do not decide where I will go yet.


This is a picture of Omotesando Hills’s illumination, which is collaborated with the 110th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth.It is one of the candidates.


It is one of my great holiday’s picture. I went to LA to meet my second cousins in 2011.

I played in Calabasas beach.   The girl who sitting next to me is  LA girl she lives near my second cousins.  We became friends !! It’s my first time to wear a bikini lol  She lent it to me!!  


21 Dec

When I was a freshman student, I and my friend Kaede had a trip to Kyoto in spring vacation. In Kyoto, we visited temples and shrines. On the second day of Kyoto, we challenged each other to wear a kimono and ride in a rikisha, traditional transportation in Japan.

The kimono we tried was not common one but it was for geisha, professional entertainers trained in traditional dancing and music in Japan. The long obi(broad sash tied over a kimono) is a peculiarity of these kinds of kimonos.


We learned that the way of wearing obi were popular in Edo period. In Japanese, it is called darari-no-obi. Darari means the way of wearing obi with the ends dangling behind. Even though we are Japanese, we do not have a chance to wear kimono in such a way so it was nice to have experience of dressing like a geisha.


21 Dec


When I went to Australia last summer, I took many pictures.

I really enjoyed the vacation and I did many things in Australia.


Second picture is a souvenir which I bought and got.
These are known as one of the famous souvenirs in Australia.


I got three of pictures from host mother and my teacher and a tour guide.
And, I bought a bookmark which is designed “Koala”.

I think it is cute and useful.
Now, when I read a book I often use the bookmark.

I got the souvenir (sheep) from my friend who went to NZ.
Just for a month, I really enjoied Australia and studied English very hard.

2101289 Haruka

NZ T-shirt

21 Dec

I have spent my holidays in New Zealand last year and it was the longest holidays in my life. Actually I’d been there for 10 months.

Actually, I rarely bought clothes in New Zeland and there were some simple reasons why I didn’t buy clothes.

Firstly I wanted to save my money.
Secondly  most of clothes were too large for me.
Thirdly there was no attractive clothes for me.

However, This T-shirt is completely different.


It cost 30 dollars(NZD), and it was only 1,800 yen at that time.
Also it fits my body.
What’s more, the design of this T-shirt is really nice.

Have you ever seen this sight?


In New Zealand, it means “For Sale” or “For Rent” and we can see it in front of  empty buildings.
It doesn’t have a special meaning but it reminds me I was in New Zealand.
That’s the biggest reason why I bought it because no one can buy it in other countries.

Summer vacation

21 Dec

I went to Kuju-kuri last summer with my freshman friends!



And on that day, I wore this blouse.


It was very hot although it was the last day of August.

There were many people, and we enjoyed swimming (but we did not have bikini…), BBQ, and we took a lot of pictures! It was lots of fun!

It is indescribable how pleasant it was 🙂


We are planning to go out again somewhere in spring vacation.

I am  looking forward to do it very much.


I love my friends!