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Pink style

21 Jan

This is Japanese brand “LIZ LISA” 



I always wear casual style. So, I do not wear such clothes very much.  

Fusing trends and retro taste, “Retro Girlish” is the concept of LIZ LISA.

The items are full of ribbons, laces, and ruffles which make you look like a princess.

This brand is the heaven of Kawaii!!!!


Friend fashion

18 Jan

I never wear this fashion in my life.


My mother would be glad if I wear the girlish clothes but I won’t. I really felt weird when I wear skirt. I can express my identity to wear mens clothes but I do not think its not going to happen the same feeling if I wear ladies clothes.

Sometimes I wish I could wear ladies clothes with no strange feeling.


My friend’s fasion

18 Jan

I would like to introduce my friends, Shoko’s fasion.


I think the  white parka of the knit material and the food with the fur are very cute, and also I like her dress of the waterdrop.

I think it seems to be a girl!!

I like pretty things such as fur, but I like more casual clothes.

For example, if I wear the parka, I chose Ivory one, and the food doesn’t t have the fur.

However, I really loves Shoko’s fasion!!



18 Jan

This is my brother, he is 2 years younger than me. He is a member of the local basketball team and wearing the team uniform. He has played it for 7 years. I guess I won’t wear basketball uniform forever. I like playing sports especially volleyball, but I don’t like basketball. I’m really poor at dribbling a ball and when I shoot for a goal, unconsciously my shooting form become my tossing form of volleyball. My family laugh at me for my strange form, so I guess and hope that I don’t have any opportunity to wear the basketball uniform.

Satomi’s fashion

18 Jan



She is my friend Satomi.  She is wearing yellow and blue sweater.  It is unique, so I think I don’t wear it, but it is cute!  She looks fashionable in it.  She is fashionable and has many unique items.

I would NOT wear these kinds of clothes

18 Jan

Do you knou who they are?



They are “fudan-juku” and they are an idol group.

But actually, they are GIRLS!!!

They really look boys, aren’t they?


Anyway, this is an extreme example, but I rarely wear these kinds of boyish clothes.


But they are quite good-looking guys, I think 🙂

Feminine Fashion

18 Jan


This is AMO who is a Japanese fashion mode.

She always wears cute, feminine, pastel colored clothes, and also her hair color and make up are like a doll.

Because she likes lavender, she dyed her hair lavender. It’s so cute, but it’s also very difficult to do same thing.

Her fashion is really like a doll, so she ofthen wears a cute dress with white or pastel color.

Acutually I think she is a model so she can wear such a clothes, or dyed her hair such a color.

She is very fashionable, but it is so hard for me to be like her.

It’s a highly individual styale of dress!!!

I like her, her fashion, and her hair style, but I never do that.