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28 Jun


This is my favorite shoes.

The brand is TORY BURCH which is American fashion brand and popular in Japan recently.
2 years ago, I splurged on that shoes because it fits my foot so much.
My friend has the one same as my shoes and she also said this shoes fit for her and it was easy to walk.

After wearing it, I was crazy about that shoes, so I bought another one which color was silver. I change and adapt these shose to suit our occasion.
This item is essential for me and I will continue to collect them.


My favorite shoes

28 Jun


Hello. This is a pair of my favorite high-heeled shoes(12cm).
I bought it two years ago at a bargain sale.
It costs me 12,000 yen.
I loved it at first sight,because it has an ornament shaped a cherry on the ankle.
Although it is very cute,it made of plastic,it hits my top side of the foot during walking!
So after I walked around with it for a long time,I have a bruise on my top side of the foot.
Finally I took off the cherry.
I still like it,even though now it’s just a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

Thank you for reading<3

kung-fu shoes

27 Jun


I introduce recentry my favorite shoes.

It’s kung-fu shoes!
I saw the movie “Grand Master” which is Chineese movie, kung-fu fighters are wearing this shoes. It is first time I knew kung-fu shoes.

Kaung-fu shoes were special shoes of kung-fu. Now, it sold Chinese goods shop. I bought in China town in Yokohama.
It’s easy to wear because sole is made of rubber, it’s really light.
However, it’s too flat!!! So, I don’t recommend if walking for long time.

By the way, I was surprised kung-fu fighter wear this shoes and fight! I thought they wear more tough shoes!!

I always wear Dr.Martens, it’s heavy shoes, so I really refresh when wear kung-fu shoes!

old school…

27 Jun

The rainy season is almost end and the real summer is coming.
Also already half of the year is finished.
Today I would like to talk about shoes.

“VANS old school”the best shoes ever.
I often wear VANS shoes but this shoes is the one that I love and one I most wear.
VANS shoes are often weared by skateboard players and also by musician. I start wearing this shoes when I was a junior high school student and the first time I bought this shoes I did`t know the meanig of “old school” and the meaning was like ” old good things”.
It is very awesome looks and also the meaning is cool:-)

my favorite shoes

27 Jun

today i will talk about my favorite shoes,



i like it, but unfortunately i cannot have a lot

because it is expensive for me.

by the way,

as you know Dr.Martens is famous among musicians,

especially punk rockers.

punk music was born in 1970s

from defiant of antisocial groups.

Dr.Martens has been loved more than 40 years,

and it has become a symbol of punk spirit.

i put it on when i wear a feminine look

to show i am a girl with such feelings.

The soft material shoes

27 Jun


  This is my favorite shoes. The right side and the center of the shoes are the same shape and different colors. Once I like, I often buy the same kind of shoes. I bought them at shoe plaza two years ago and I bought the left side of the shoes at feminine cafe a few months ago. My favorite points of these shoes are soft texture and to be able to put it on easily. I always wear shoes with low heels when I go to school, a live concert, traveling and shopping, and I feel they fit me.
  Also, I think when people wear heels, their legs look long and beautiful. However, I am not used to wearing them, so I try to wear.


High heels

27 Jun

Hi, everyone!

I like shoes, especially high heels. When I put on it, my legs look long and slender. It’s really excellent point of high heels, I think.

I want to try this pumps on summer. 


The height of the heels are about 7cm, and the part has some beads like jewels. I think it’s very gorgeous and beautiful.


When I put on this shoes, I can’t look this beautiful heels, of cource. However, putting on favorite and beautiful shoes makes me happy, so I don’t care!