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26 Jul


She is my friend, Yukari. Her fashion is very fashionable and looks like a boy. I asked her the reason why you had selected this style.

The point of her fashion is knit cap. She said that her hair was very short so, this style very suit for her. Also, she puts her cardigan like a stall because this style makes her more fashionable and she need not spend money to buy a stall and the other goods.

I have never worn clothes like her,  but if I have a chance to buy these clothes, would like to buy and wear them.


Bare-midriff style

25 Jul


This is my sister Kana, and this is her favorite fashion in this summer.

This summer, it seems the bare-midriff look is poplur for girls again.

She goes to high school  in Shibuya everyday, so she always gets new fashion and  try it soon.

I like this t-shirt and pants too, but I think I will never wear this. I mean… I want to try this style, but I do not want to go out with this style :p

fashion that i don’t often wear

25 Jul

today i’m going to talk about the fashion that i’m not familiar with.

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he wears T-shirt with illustration and logo.

he likes it because his nickname, zara, is on it.

Such kind of T-shirts is too garish for me to wear, and it doesn’t suit me.

i like simple, plain shirt.

Therefore i’m not familiar with logo T-shirt.

But someday i’d like to try.

I’ll never be the style

25 Jul

I have a one style I dont want to be. Other words to say, I cant be. That style called “bi-kei” in japanese. That style follows R&B music culure. I feel that reminds me of someone like African-American and Harajuku guys.

Ive never tried it, but this anyway can not be mixed to me cause items are so big and not so fashonable for me. I think cooler style is more tighter. Slight line make me nice I believe. So I dont want to be the gang style!! lol

i want to be …

25 Jul

1345776868370964she is my favorite fashion model, rinko murata.
i really like herself and her fashion.

her fashion is rough but very cute and fashionable.
and i like her face!!!
she always smile. so when i see her i can feel happy.

i try to be her this summer!!!

summer nail

25 Jul

Yeserday I got new foot nails. It was not cheap but I really like this design. Actually I want to have hand nails but my part-time job is not allow to have it.  I am going to go to island to enjoy summer vacation from next week so it is good for my vacation. It can keep about 2 month so i can enjoy this summer with this nail.

Find my COLOR

25 Jul

This time i write about my favorite color. When i make my coordinate for a day, i care about which color deserve a term i choose. It’s a so important thing for everything to choose colors, not only for wearing.

I natually tend to choose monotone color for every items cause its simple and can be mixed to anything. Everytime I see my closet all I see is monotone items and surprise me dude!!


Black, grey, and white are really awesome color for me cause these are not so individual, but that make these all the more valuable to be more attractive.