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Currently trend of parasol

28 Aug

55 It is terribly hot during this summer season. I suppose people seem to deal with the heat by using various kinds of ways. My suggestion is listening to some good music to forget the annoying heat. Hope you like it!

By the way, I watched a really interesting topic from  a TV program recently. It was a story about a parasol which is a necessary item of the summer season even for men. It means “Higasa-Danshi”it is a Japanese interesting phenomenon and some companies try to get a lot of consumers who have never tried parasol. This is a collection of parasols for men.

I think that  our understanding of a parasol is for women. If you see a man with a parasol on the street, how do you feel about that?
Some men using a parasol said” I have a little concern about people’s attention on me. Anyway I do not care because using a higasa is comfortable for me.” A long time ago, Japanese higasa-danshi was used more commonly than  nowadays. Perhaps, Japanese parasol history is moving back to its original style.


Famous football players influenced on hair styles

28 Aug

There are many kinds of hair styles all over the world. I think that most people care about hair styles. They can express their originality and emotions.

Do you  remember when FIFA WORLD CUP in KOREA and JAPAN was held? It was held in 2002. I was really influenced by this big event because I had played football when I was an elementary school student.

My favorite football player is David Beckham. He is not only football player but also a Fashion model. Do you know “Beckham hair” it look like a soft mohawk. It was the boom of 2002. Of course I imitated his hair style however it didn’t match me!beckham ronald m_ronaldo-brazil


28 Aug


This is my favorite color combination. The t-shirt is from UNIQLO. These red flat shoes are easy to walk so I wear them everywhere. I have pain in my left foot so they help me very much 🙂 The short pants I am wearing have lace on the hem. I really like it.

This fashion has 6 colors and I feel like if I am being painted. My friends told me that I look good in these clothes. I love being colorful!!


Fortune-Telling by Colors

28 Aug

I bought new wallet two years ago.
Just like its design, I regarded color as being important because in Japan, it is said that each color has different effects for our life.
These are some examples.

RED…Burns your money. This means you waste your money.
Yellow…You spend your money very often, but you get money too.
Black…You can save your money.
Pink…You can get money by help the people around you.
Green…It regains spent money, but you need to work hard.


Actually, I bought pink one believing in these ideas.
On the day, I made a new friendship, but I lost much money at the same time. I’m not sure whether these ideas are true or not.

Also, my mother always buys her new wallet depending on color, but unfortunately, I never see her having a lot of money. It’s up to you whether you trust in it or not.

Summer,Training Camp and Beach

28 Aug



This is my training camp in Onjuku. It was held from August 4th through 6th. I thought these picture are very summerlike. In the doujou we wore sports wear in the morning to stretch and exercise. After having breakfast, we wore hakama and dougi. Also bougu. Bougu is a protector. Actually these pictures are taken by my freind. He is very good photographer. I really like the colors in these pictures. They are very vivid and hot. I feel very sad that this is my first and last training camp in my university life. Of course we went to the beach and wet ourselves in the sea!! The kendo practice was tough but I could enjoy it even if it  was tough because of my friends.


28 Aug

This is my favorite photo from this summer.


I went to ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2013 with my friend.

There were a lot of bands and musicians and

we enjoyed not only music but also eating food.  

I love one favorite band who is BUMP OF CHICKEN.

They appeared and played at  the end of the FES.

It was  so exciting because I could see them from the second row from the  front.

Their music encourages me everytime I listen to it! Someday,I want to talk with them.


“One for One”

28 Aug

Today, I’m going to introduce about shoes brand,  TOMS.


This is charity brand of brake mycosky.
In 2006, he went to argentine as a trip and knew that any children have their shoes.
Then he set up TOMS as shoes brand.

The concept of TOMS is ‘One for One’.
This means if you buy TOMS shoes, one child could get shoes from TOMS.

TOMS shoes is not only contributive but also fashionable and useful!!!
That’s why TOMS is loved by many people:)
I already have this one and wear it today! I really love it X)!!


There is only one fomal TOMS store on cat street in HARAJUKU. All others are just serect shop, so if you want TOMS, I recommend you go to HARAJUKU one.
In addition, TOMS have a few stocks of each season type of shoes without basic, so popular products are easy to be sold out.
If you want, you have to go as soon as possible!!!