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Winter fashion*2013*

30 Nov

It’s time to wear winter clothes! Now, it’s November, but it is going to be so cold from next month.

I do not like cold weather so much, but I really like to wear winter clothes because there are a lot of kinds of clothes especially for the Winter. This year, I bought those clothes for this winter.



I am sorry that you can not see my clothes well.



This is the sweater which is sold at ” Hollister”. I like the Rhinestone-studded clothes so I decided to buy this one. I didn’t need the time to think about whether I should buy it or not. This sweater is very comfortable to wear. The fabric is soft and stretchable,  so it is easy to wear.

Hollister Lace Skater Skirt 343-423-0449-023 Navy


This is a navy skirt. It’s also sold at”Hollister”. It is made by the lace. It seems so thin,  but there is a fabric inside of the lace. Even winter, we do not feel cold.

As I told you, from next month, it is going to be much colder than now, so we have to wear warm clothes. Moreover we can enjoy our winter fashion one by one. Each person has various styles, I really love to see what people wear.



★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★

28 Nov


★ Keep Calm & Enjoy Winter ★



   Seems like the real winter has come, summer is over.  I know that lots of people had so much fun this summer but now its time to think of what you will wear for this fabulous winter.  Did you decide what is going to be your main fashion item for this winter fashion?

   Keep warm and protecting yourself from a very low temperature is always good for winter but we want some more, we want to look great because  we meet new people everyday.  Being a student is fun so do not waste your time let’s enjoy fashion.

   I told you that I love leather jackets so much, this time I would like to introduce another one of my main winter fashion items. “HOODIE FUR” jacket is one of my favorite fashion items.  It is easy, simple and awesome! You can wear a cute knit and then a “HOODIE FUR” will probably make you look stunning in a simple way and of course boots! Boots always give you some sexiness but if you don’t to be that sexy make sure to wear light colored pants or a skirt.  Because dark pants with boots make you look HOT but if you like it there’s no problem!!!

   “HOODIE FUR” is unisex fashion, guys and girls can enjoy it, and you can go anywhere with it. Lastly I want to strongly recommend you guys to use “FAKE FUR” there is no need to explain a lot, you know what I am trying to say here.  “We have our life and they have their life.”

   And now let’s enjoy a “HOODIE FUR” Have a very good weekend everybody XOXO!!!!!



My favorite colors in winter*

28 Nov


My favorite colors in winter*

I like winter’s atmosphere. Of course it will be cold in winter but winter is shining because of many illuminations.  So, I like winter’s atmosphere.

In winter, I’d love to wear dresses especially red and white colors. It reminds me of Christmas. Christmas is one of best seasons  for me so these colors make me happy.

My favorite dresses in this year are these ones.


This is my favorite white dress.  I like pearls attached on a collar. It makes it more fashionable and little bit gorgeous.

image red

Right side of this picture is my favorite dress. I like red color so I wear red clothes a lot especially in the winter season. Beside I like to wear  wine-red.

I like dresses so I would like to try to wear many fashionable clothes. Also, I want to enjoy this winter’s fashion.

Miyu Sano


Winter Fashion!!!

28 Nov

I used to work at American Eagle Outfitters.

I wore all AE clothes!! Sweater, Tank top, jeans, Shoes…. 

marnie BLOG 

The point is jeans. The material is soelastic, so it’s really confatable

I took this photo after I went to hair salon.

I love fashion !!!!!!


My winter fashion :>

28 Nov

Winter fashion in 2013

This is one of my winter fashion in this year and also winter is my favorite season of the year.  Because in this winter I could wear the something dressy clothes. More over, of course winter is not only just feel like that, but also you can put lots of items on your body for keep warming and fashionable. 

This picture is my favorite winter items in this winter. I wore the white neck sweater and put on wine red’s nail. The wine red color is my favorite color of winter and fall. Because if I put on the this color somewhere on my body, I can feel coming to cold season. And also, this color suit to any fashion, so I love wine red color in winter. 

And the white neck sweater is giving feel very warm. But, it is not just like that, turtle neck makes us more dressy I think.  These item of in this picture was my favorite styles in winter. I want to enjoy wearing more dressy fashion and spending good time this winter. 



Favorite WINTER Fashion

28 Nov


I would like to show you my favorite winter item. It is knitwear. Most knitwears are warm and fluffy, so I love it. When I wear it, I can always feel winter so much. In addition,  knitwear is not so expensive and many shops have original ones. That is also a good point.


Recently, there are so many varieties of colors, styles, and patterns. For example, pattern of polka dots, stripes, or flower prints are common now. Also, there are mixed color knitwear and bicolor ones. It means more than two colors are used. The mixed one is having two or three colors together, so it looks like a different color from when one color is just used. The bicolor knitwear is like that half of the knitwear is black and the other side is white. This type’s color is completely separate.


The knitwear has various kind of styles, so you will find your favorite one from there. You can wear it in  many kinds of scenes. Knitwear is very useful, so this is my favorite style in winter. 


What we wear in winter is…..Sweater!!

28 Nov

In winter, we can wear many fashionable clothes and one of the most useful and also warm clothes is sweater! You can find many types of sweater when you go shopping 🙂 For me, it’s my kind of hobby to buy 1 or 2 sweaters every year when winter season come.
So, I’ll show some unique and favorite sweaters of my favorite brand.


I think this sweater is really cute and also it’s easy to fit with jeans or pants.


This one is really colorful and unique. Winter clothes tend to be all quiet color, so sometimes it’s good to wear vivid color sweater:)

Those are my favorite sweaters I found in my searching.
You’ll find favorite one if you look at on the Internet and it’s really fun to look at those.