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Pastel Color <3

28 Dec

imagesCA9G129W           imagesCA7KSOVO

My favorite colors are pastel colors because it is looks like soooo cute. The vivid color or blight colors are also attractive, but the pastel is the best. I like pastel colors like sulmon pink, mint green, right yellow, and pastel green. These colors appear in warm season especially in the spring season. My image of these colors is blooming flower in spring. My most favorite one is the “lavender purple”, so I have a cardigan, T-shirt, bag and shoes of that color. When I am wearing that I feel so good. These colors make me happy everytime. I will buy new items of the color and wear in the next spring season!!




Mint Green :3

27 Dec

My favorite color is mint green.


It has the impression of cleanliness and it’s feminin, I think.

Actually, I used to like vivid color because I thought those color allowed to wear for only young people. However my idea totally changed since my one of lovely friend gave me a gift of this color on my birthday. It atracted me so much then.


This is the my ideal room. I woud be very relaxed if I’m here.


24 Dec

Travel- it’s provably the best thing I  want to try right now.

I’ve been to another countries, such as England, Australia and Hawaii…but I want to explore more countries in Europe and the U.S. and many islands which have beautiful beaches:)

There is one thing I don’t like about going to another country,  the long flight.
When I went to England, the time I spent on airplane was about 12 hours.
My whole body was tired and my legs got swollen badly. I couldn’t put on my boots at the end of flight.

I chose my favorite shoes and clothes for my first day in England, it was disappointing that I needed to change it after all.

Then, I started to wearing the “Medi Qtto” under bottoms on a plane for preventing this problem.


It has the function to put pressure on legs and makes me feel refreshed after taking it off!

Personally, it has been an essesial item for traveling 🙂
I definitely recommend it to every woman!

My favorite color

24 Dec

I like yellow personally, but somehow I’m collecting all black and pink stuffs. So, I want to share with you on this page.
This is the items I’m always carrying around.


Wallet, pen-case, camera-case, makeup porch, card-case, schedule book….Those are all black or pink. This pink is not pastel pink but vivid pink. I think vivid pink match black more. I used to like pastel color when I was high school student. But my favorite color was changed to those black and pink. When I go shopping and find items with those colors, I definitely buy them. I don’t regret spending money for those items because those are all really cute and I decide to buy them at first sight.

I want to see your personal items you are carrying around too! What is your favorite color and are your items with those colors?

When I travel…

24 Dec

I think, the most important wearing when I travel is a watch because I want to see what time it is even while walking.


This is the watch I’m always wearing. My cousin gave me this one for Coming of Age Day. I’m not sure if it is suitable for travel, but I’m using when I travel too. The brand is CITIZEN.

I think my watch is a little bit formal, so I will show you better one for travel.


I think this one is really cute. I found that this Baby-G from CASIO is the most popular casual watch for women in 2013 according to rakuten ranking. This one fits with casual fashion.
Watch is not only useful but also fashionable if you wear it. And also it helps you while traveling!

Warm red check patterns

24 Dec

photo (12)

Now it’s super cold out there! I love red check patterns for the cold winter. It makes me warm and it also looks a lot like Christmas. It makes me excited as well♪ Also the red color is good for black, white, khaki, and grey, so I can wear red clothes with many kinds of clothes. Actually I have more in my closet because once I find one at the store, I start to think about buying that one soon! It’s like a magic! Besides, if you wear red clothes, your friends might find you easily from the crowd of people! lol

Stay warm, everyone:)

Christmas Colors

23 Dec

There are some colors which are associated with Christmas!

For example,
“Green” represents Holly, ivy, mistletoe, Paradise tree in the garden of Eden (Bible story) and Chirstmas tree…
“Red” represents the apple on the paradise tree (Bible story) Holly berries and Santa Clause’s uniform…
“Gold” represents the star, and the sun and light that keep us warm in the dark winter…

I think having these colors in fashion on Christmas day makes more enjoyable day:)
I’ve already bought green and red colored items, so I want to buy the gold one !
IMG_5705 IMG_9973

I’m thinking that I would add these to the wish list for this year….:)