Merry Christmas from Aquarium

12 Dec

Have you ever felt the Christmas spirit at an aquarium? Shinagawa aquarium, in Tokyo has 450 species and 10 thousand sea animals. In Japan, many people spend Christmas on a date as a couple. When I visited the aquarium, especially for Christmas, I felt the signs of Christmas everywhere in the aquarium.

The large, tunnel tank was decorated with colored lighting. At the feeding time, a staff member dressed as Santa Claus dived into the water, and suddenly many kinds of sea animals gathered to feed.

One of the tanks had a small tree inside for the red and white creatures that live there. They were like Christmas decorations and were so adorable.
Moreover, a tank that was especially prepared for Christmas had ornaments of snowman and some small golden fish they attracted visitors’ attention. 

Visitors also can watch the dolphins’ performance for Christmas at the outside pool. This place was also decorated for Christmas with a wreath or tree. The dolphins perform perfectly in tune with each other. In the climax of the show, a dolphin jumps dynamically and touches a silver bell which is in a very high position. The audience applauded at the same time the bell rang. I felt dolphin is a very intelligent animal and was fascinated. 

In this way, Shinagawa aquarium during Christmas has a nice atmosphere and a subtle charm making people feel refreshed. 



Merry Christmas from Aquarium

Merry Christmas from AquariumMerry Christmas from AquariumMerry Christmas from Aquarium


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