Merry Christmas ho,ho,ho!!!

12 Dec

Hi! What’s up guys?;)

Finally, christmas is coming sooooooon!!!!!
Do you have any plans on 24th or 25th?!?!
If you don’t have any…it’s better to stay at home because so many couples are outside…it will be a disaster…lol

When I lived in Niigata, I spent christmas with my lovely friends and family.
My mother often makes christmas cakes for us! Actually, I don’t like cake so much, but my mother’s cake is fantastic!!haha
I love it!

I believed in Santa Claus when I was 12 years old!
The best presents from Santa were Gryffindor’s cap, robe (below pic) and the Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter!!!!!
When I saw them early on the morning on 25th, I shouted because I loooove Harry Potter!


Therefore, I used to wear the robe and went to various places in it! haha
However, we had a flood, so I lost the cap and the broom…
Fortunately, the robe survived!!!!!
I still keep it in my closet:)

I went to England last year, but,someday, I want to go there in the christmas season!!
It must be beautiful!!!

if you click this pic, you can see HP’s christmas x) Merry-Christmas-3-harry-potter-17913250-500-288


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