One of my favorite events, Christmas!!

12 Dec

Christmas!! Everyone is waiting for this special holiday at this season.

Last year I spent the Christmas day in Seattle, U.S., and my host family and I had an absolutely great Christmas party.At that time, I wore the Santa Claus cap all day long.
Image Image

I bought this cap from Hobby Lobby which is selling all the goods for the fun events. I love this store so bad. I wish I could have bought a whole costume of a Santa Claus because when I went to New York right before the Christmas, I saw many people wearing whole Santa Claus costumes!


I have been jealous of them. They looked so happy! lol  I wish Japanese could have like this trend, and then I would hang out with my friend with the costume. I love the town being filled with many Santa Clauses!

I wish you a merry Christmas;)


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