Aside 19 Dec

It’s getting colder recently, and most 3rd grade students are busy with their job hunting.

I bet everyone wants to take a break and relax.

So, why not go somewhere warm and refresh yourself in the winter break? šŸ™‚

I’d like to introduce one of my favorite places: Khaosan Road.


Khaosan Road is also a famous place where many backpackers are gathered.

There are tons of delicious Thai food restaurants!

1422489_693544380657417_338268404_n 1454996_693546260657229_418851690_n

If you are planning to go to Thailand, I recommend you not to stay in a hotel, but stay at a guesthouse around Khaosan Road.

It is very safe there, and you can meet many people from around the world to talk with and become friends!

I also recommend you to carry your backpack instead of a suit case.

1460994_693545510657304_211531583_n 554704_693545507323971_1015190014_n



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