Cute Passport Case

22 Dec


Passport is necessary when we go to abroad, but it is easy to forget and lost sometime… So I bring this case to take important traveling stuff in. I usually put into a passport, money, and insuranse statements. Every important thing which I need to travel are in there. I don’t need to worry about these now. This case have three design, chocolate, cokie, and macaron one. The chocolate pettern have the logo of Q-pot, brand name, each chocolate and sometime there are ants to eat it. I love that cute design, so I have that pettern. However, the cokie one also has the logo on the cokie and it has two colors, vanila cokies and chocolate cokies. The right side of the picture is the macaron design. It’s outside is pastel color also inside is light green color. All of this are cute and very atractive for me, but I have only chocolate design, so if I have a chance to buy, I want to buy other type of this someday.

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