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My relax time….

26 Jan

Hello, everyone? The second semister was over how was your weekend?

I went to Izu hot spring with my junior high friends. It was really fun for me!

Today, I’ll show you my favorite things.

That is body scrub. I love this brand called SABON.


This brand famous for girls, do you know this brand?

There are a lot of skin care products in tha shop.

This product is solt scrub which I use usually life.

There are so many smells and I use coconuts one.

The smells so good for relax in the bath when I use it in the bath

it makes me happy and refresh.

So I reaaly recommend this!!!


If you interested in please check it out :>



The fashion I would not wear

26 Jan

Hello!! The fashion I would not wear is Harajuku fashion. As I said before l like simple fashion, so that’s the reason why I would not wear.
In my image, these kind of fashion is too vivid and the people are wearing hard accessories.


She is one of the famous girl in Japan & her name is carry pamyupamyu. She is inspiring a lot of young people.

My correction of pierced earrings

25 Jan

I love correcting pierced earrings.

I have many kinds of them, like small, big, fake, real gold, and diamonds.


I love all of my pierced earrings, but this is my favorite.


My precious friend gave it to me on an anniversary.

This is very beautiful because there are diamonds!

It was a surprising present, so I was very moved.

I want to keep a strong friendship with him.

What kinds of fashion I wouldn’t wear are…

25 Jan

I live fashion like a GAL or sexy.

On the other hand, I don’t wear like a MORI girl.

無題 img33c0128fzik4zj

I don’t think it’s suit me. Also, I don’t like a long skirt.

In addition, I don’t like pink and fril fashions.


If I wear these fashion, my mom and friends must be surprised.

Anyway, there are many kinds of fashion, so people can wear clothes that they want.

I will keep wearing like sexy clothes.

I won’t were fashion …..

24 Jan

I like fashion, I love fashion…..

However I have the fashion style which I won’t were style in usually.

That is GAL style. There are lots of simple things to say Gal Style.


In these genre, I will not were like this called leopard tops.

The leopard tops looks so hard and strong. I like leopard but I don’t like as clothes.

It means I want to have as poach or shoes or something one point.

I think I don’t were like gal fashion forever but I interested in like these fashion.

So, I like shibuya because there are a lot of people which were  gal style.

What do you think leopard style?


24 Jan


Hello, everyone! Today, I’ll talk about my favorite fashion style and place.

My favorite country is London. Have you been to London before?

I went to there when I was KIFL student. There are a lot of beautiful place like this picture.


London eye is very beautiful sightseeing spot.

And also I like fashion style which people wear in London.

I saw many fashionable people in London. They wore like this fashion. Image

I like simple color and simple style so I like these fashion style.

Do you like these fashion? Which do you like?



Skin care

22 Jan

I really like to do skin care, because my skin is so sensitive and easy to come out pimples on my face, especially around nose…TT

These days, I can’t sleep eary because of HW or chatting with my friends…

Therefore, I really care about my skin!

The important things are to take a bath, wash my face softly, wear a face mask, use toner and lotion, use attack pimples cream…

However, one of the most important thing is to sleep eary!!!

Even, to care skin so much, if we can’t sleep well, the skin care doesn’t work well.

Therefore, eating good foods(vegetable, meat, fruit, and also drink water) and sleeping well are very good for our skin!!

I respect Taeyeon’s skin!!


She doesn’t wear make-up this pic!!

Her skin is perfectly beautiful!!!!!

I wanna be this skin…<3

Therefore, I really care about my skin.

If you are troubled with pimples, I recommend this cream.


“Innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence R”

This is an organic cream, so please try this^^