Picture my view

6 Jan

Hello everyone!
Did you go somewhere these days?!
I went to Hawaii in this summer vacation!yey

I think Camera is one of the most important things of travelling!!!
My camera in not good one, but my father gave it to me.
Actually, he got the camera as prize of my neighborhood association’s game!

I really love to take pictures in my travelling, so this camera is very good for me!

When I went to London…


This is the Big Ben you know, it was very beautiful and cool!!
We stayed at London for 4 days and it was amazing 😉

When I went to Taiwan…


I went to Jiufen (Kyu-hun) where is called the model of Sprited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi), but I’m not sure…
I love the movie, so I was excited!!
Also, I went to Taipei101!

When I went to Pusan of Korea…


This is Haeundae in Pusan and so beautiful night view with the ocean!
Of course, I’ve been to Seoul, but I love Pusan than Seoul!
I went there in July and stayed my Korean friend’s home!
Her mother and father welcomed us and her cooking was amazing…


Finally, I went to Hawaii…


These pics were taken by the camera!!
This camera is very important for me when I travel!


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