Something I Wouldn’t Wear

14 Jan

What kinds of clothes do you dislike to wear? I guess that most people have some fashion which they don’t want to wear in their lives. In my case, I’ve never tried boyish fashion.

There are some reasons that I don’t wear those kinds of clothes.

First of all, I don’t feel comfortable when I wear boyish clothes. Since I was a child, I often wore skirts. That’s why I became to prefer wearing skirts to pants. Secondly, skirts or feminine clothes make me happy. When I wear feminine clothes, my mind become positive. On the other hand, if I wore boyish clothes, my motivation might go down. Also, I tend to buy feminine clothes so far, so boyish clothes couldn’t fit my style. However, I know that there are some times I have to wear pants style for the situation. Therefore, when I have to wear boyish clothes, I want to enjoy them, but I won’t wear them in daily life.



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