What I want to try to wear

14 Jan

If I have a  chance, I want to try to wear ”mode fashion”.



What is MODE FASHION———————————————————–

Mode fashion originally refers to the fashion or trend in French. That is why, mode is said “high fashion”. However, in Japan, mode has little bit different meaning in comparison with original one. Japan’s mode means fashion that uses mono torn or various color and has a characteristic about its silhouette. 

My image of MODE FASHION—————————————————-

I think mode fashion is so fashionable because the most cases about mode fashion is only used black and white color. At the same time, I have a image towards mode fashion that it is high fashion because design is extraordinaly. So, it is difficult to challenge this fashion easily.

Someday, I want to try it.


Do you have any kinds of fashion which you want to try in the future?


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