Thing I Wouldn’t Wear

19 Jan

There is an item that I wouldn’t wear in fahion…. It’s colored contact lenses.

In Japan, many people wear this kind of contact lenses in part of everyday fashion. The purpose of wearing this item is putting different color on the eyes for temporarily or pretending the bigger eyes for choosing an original eye color, but I feel strange about it.

I think the effect of colored contact lenses on people makes their eyes look impersonal.
I always think that having an eye contact is the most important thing in communicating with others. However,  I see little emotional movements in the eyes when the person wear colored contact lenses, it’s difficult for me to tell if the person means for what they are saying.  I always feel uncomfortable about it.

I believe “eyes ” are the most attractive part of our body and every pair of eyes are truly beautiful without any changing.
So I wouldn’t wear this item and prefer to keep my original eyes.


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