Victria’s Secret

19 Jan

Victria’s secret is one of my favorite shops.


It came from America, and they sell clothes, underwears, and perfume for women and so on. Victria’s Secret is very popular in America. When I had been to America, I often went there. There are many kinds of perfumes, body creams, and other thisngs which I’m interested in.


My favorite smell in Victoria’s Secret is PURE DAYDREAM!

pure daydreams

It smells so good for me. Also, when I was in America, I often used this one. Therefore, this smell reminds me of the life in America. That’s why when I came back to Japan, I brought two bottles of this kind of perfume as my memory!

Unfortunately, there are a few Victria’s Secret in Japan. In addition, they are expensive when we buy them in Japan. However, we can get a little discount if we buy them online. After I finishing my two bottles, I want to buy it again online!

Victria’s Secret makes all women beautiful!!



One Response to “Victria’s Secret”

  1. asuka9 July 2, 2014 at 10:00 am #

    I love VC too. It always makes women be attractive.

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