Warm Mouton boots!

21 Jan


Hi, there:) The 2nd semester is over, and I’d like to talk about Mouton boots for my last post.

As you know, Mouton boots are quite popular among Japanese people. The reason why they are popular is just WARMTH! They are absolutely great to protect our feet from the super cold temperture. However, they had a problem of waterproofing. Once they got wet in a rainy day, the water also came into them, and our feet also got wet. That was a big problem, but thank got, UGG company has just invented new waterpoof Mouton boots! Now we can wear those even in snowing days! Although those are still little bit expensive, I highly recomend to buy one pair of those. I’m sure there will be cheaper one soon, and then I want to buy one. lol

I keep saying “Stay warm” to you, and it’s true!! I look forward to seeing you in nice and warm spring;)

I also appreciate this class Marnie taught. Thank you, Marnie! See you soon:)


One Response to “Warm Mouton boots!”

  1. yukiokajima July 2, 2014 at 10:05 am #

    Do you know that boys don’t like girls wearing them? I don’t know why but it’s nonsense isn’t ? Mouton boots are wonderful! I used to put on them everyday in winter when I was in Iwate.

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