Skin care

22 Jan

I really like to do skin care, because my skin is so sensitive and easy to come out pimples on my face, especially around nose…TT

These days, I can’t sleep eary because of HW or chatting with my friends…

Therefore, I really care about my skin!

The important things are to take a bath, wash my face softly, wear a face mask, use toner and lotion, use attack pimples cream…

However, one of the most important thing is to sleep eary!!!

Even, to care skin so much, if we can’t sleep well, the skin care doesn’t work well.

Therefore, eating good foods(vegetable, meat, fruit, and also drink water) and sleeping well are very good for our skin!!

I respect Taeyeon’s skin!!


She doesn’t wear make-up this pic!!

Her skin is perfectly beautiful!!!!!

I wanna be this skin…<3

Therefore, I really care about my skin.

If you are troubled with pimples, I recommend this cream.


“Innisfree bija anti-trouble spot essence R”

This is an organic cream, so please try this^^


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