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Lost My Way

31 Jul

Have you ever felt the difference between your fashion and your character?


My favorite style is feminine fashion.

Whenever I went to shopping, I attracted feminine clothes.

Especially, my most favorite brand “axes femme” of clothes is exactly my favorite.  


However, my character is not feminine.

I’m not good at cooking.

I like just eating.

I’m not elegant.

I have a sharp tongue.

I don’t want to be like Disney princess.

If anything, I want to help someone like prince.

My character is quite different from feminine.



Should I change my fashion? I’m always thinking that.

However, I cannot change my fashion.

Because I like feminine fashion.


My Favorite items

30 Jul

Hello, everyone!

I will introduce about my favorite Indonesian fashion items. I went to Indonesia about one year ago and I bought “Gamelanball” and “Ata Bag” there. They are traditional craft work.



Gamelanball is a musical instrument and it is necessary to dedicate music to God. There are various size and Gamelanball has different tone one by one. I have a pierced earrings. When I wear them, I can hear beautiful tone.

In addition, Gamelanball has another name. It is called “Dream Ball”. It is said that if you wear Gamelanball, your prayer is answered.



Ata Bag is made of ata. Ata is plant and grows naturally in Indonesia. Ata Bag has a fine stitch, so it is fashionable and durable.

I like this unique color, smell and shape. I want to use this when I wear Yukata in this summer.






Love Marnie!

29 Jul




It was a miracle that taking Marnie’s class with my best friends from freshman English!

I am so sad to heard that this year is the last for Marnie.

She gives us interesting time.

Her dresses are always very cute and sexy.

Marnie is the best teacher in KUIS absolutely!!

I miss sweet Marnie, thank you so much!


New fashion for me!

28 Jul

Hi! Summer vacation came to me!

In this summer, I want to try some fashion which I haven’t tried.

One of them is nail art.

I have worn nail polish with one color, but I haven’t decorated my nail.

I searched many kinds of style and today, I’ll introduce about them.

First one is border pattern. This is called marine style.


It is popular in every summer.

Second one is galaxy pattern.


My friend wore this nail polish last summer and I like this pattern.

Last one is botanical pattern.


This is one of the trends in this summer. There are many fashion items with this pattern.

I haven’t decided which I choose yet, but I’ll take pleasure in fashion of summer anyway.

Watching baseball style.

28 Jul

Hello, everyone.

What is your favorite things to do? I like watching baseball. So, when I have time to go, I go to watch baseball to QVC Marine Field.

These are the items which I bring there.

unnamed (1)

I can feel that I am one of the supporters of the team by putting on them.

Also, when I go to stadium, I can enjoy not only watching game but eating and drinking. It is very enjoyable.

If you go to watch sport game, let’s enjoy it!!

My traveling requisites!

28 Jul

I’d like to show you about my five traveling requisites.

First item is a suitcase to pack up. This reason is very simple. It is easy to carry rather than a traveling bag and if I buy many souvenirs, I don’t worry about bulking.


Second item is a rucksack. I can use both hands when I use it.


Third items are sneakers. When I go to travel, I have many chances to walk. So it is necessary to go to traveling.


Forth item is a camera. I can take more beautiful picture than using iPhone and I can save battery of iPhone.


Last item is an umbrella. Especially it can be used on both sunny days and rainy days.

I can’t forecast about weather completely.  So, it is very useful and I feel relieved because of bringing it.


I hope you can enjoy your traveling with  the items which makes you comfortable!

What do you think?

28 Jul

What do you think about a couple in matching outfits?


I really  like to look  alike and want to do.

Wearing same outfit among couple is popular in Korea.

Recently, it reach Japan.

A little while ago, some Japanese thought that wearing same outfit is ashamed and it popularized.

I am a one of the person who have a strong hearing to wear same clothes with boyfriend.

But I have a problem. I DON’T have boyfriend.

I have to get a boyfriend quickly.