anti-sunburn measure

9 Jul

When summer comes, all women are particular about a sunburn and tan. Because if you are exposed to a lot of ultraviolet rays, you will possibly get a spot and be skin cancer in the future. Also, women think people who have a white skin and clear skin are very beautiful. So anti-sunburn items are very essential in summer.  I want to introduce these items.There are many items like a parasol, sunglasses, sunscreen. However I want to explain about a parasol of these goods.

In this year, I bought a new sunshade. It is cheap, compact and simple. In addition, color is black.


Why did I choose black one? The answer is easy. Black is better than bright one to shield from ultraviolet rays. The inside of parasol is also black, so it absorbs the reflected rays from asphalt.

But I can see many stylish and cute parasols in the store. Parasol becomes a part of fashion.

I heard blight one has nearly effects of sun blocking. So you select a parasol  you like.




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