Seashell Accessories

9 Jul


Hi, everyone! Today’s theme is “Summer”, so I will introduce my things which I feel “summer”!



Seashell accessories!

In summer, every shop sells items related to the sea. And my favorite sea symbol is a scallop shell because I love mermaids. So I am collecting scallop shell items.

I bought this necklace this summer. It has gold colored plastic scallop shell and cotton peal. Because of materials, this necklace is light.


Next item is scallop shell hair clip.  I got this item in last year with my friend who also loves mermaid. When we saw it at shop, we associate beautiful mermaid.

It is easy to arrange my hair, so I can use it may  long or short hair.

This has gold clip in backside. Scallop shell is often matched gold.



This is the last item and I love the most.

It is a scallop shell shaped resin drop earring. Inside resin shells, there are pastel colored beads, spangles and hearts. And it has gold colored  clips.

The reason why I love it is that it is present from my best friend. She knows I collect seashell items, so she gave it for me by surprise. I was very glad and I always wear it.

Resin is a light material so I do not feel pain even if I wear it for long time.


When I wear seashell items, I feel like Ariel who appeared in the Little Mermaid. These items are my treasures, and  I want more. So I will continue to collect seashell items. 


Thank you for reading!


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