Summer music festival fashion

9 Jul


In summer, so many music festivals are held  all around the world. If you go there, you can watch many wonderful performances by various artists. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious foods and FASHION! I want to write about music festival’s fashion. (In this post, I focused on women’s fashion.)






  • Head accessories…..HAT,  FLOWER CROWN or HEADBAND (Almost all music festival are held outside, so it is important to prevent heat stroke. Wearing flower crowns and headbands is one of the trends from 2-3 years ago.)
  • Eye wear….SUN GLASSES (it is to protect our eyes from the sun! Some people wear it as a fashion item.)
  • TOPS….T-SHIRTS or TANK TOPS (We can wear favorite artist’s goods T-shirts. Some people wear swimsuits.)
  • Bottoms….SHORTS or PANTS (People don’t wear jeans because it isn’t easy to move.)
  • SHOES….SNEAKERS or BOOTS (They are easy to move, and if it rains, the ground is squelchy. That’s why people wear  boots.)

I found many people tend to wear colorful clothes(bright colored clothes) at the festivals. It is because they want to attract attention or try what they cannot usually do. Moreover, people like to wear clothes which are easy to move, because they want to enjoy dancing or exciting things during the performances. Also, they have to move a lot during the festival.

In this summer, I’ll go to two music festival(ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and SUMMER SONIC), so I want to enjoy fashion as well as live performances.



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