To Relieve the Summer Heat

13 Jul

Hello, everyone!!

It is getting hotter and hotter recently. I like summer, but I don’t like the heat and humidity. So, I’d like to introduce the cool-looking item to relieve them.




These are earrings which are made of  pressed flowers. These look so cool, aren’t they?

I had looked for my favorite one, but recently, I found that I can make them myself. It is very easy, so I want to show you how to make today.

At first, prepare the pressed flower, vinyl folder, resin liquid, and parts to fasten in ears.

1. Put the pressed flower on the vinyl folder and put the liquid thin on it.

2. Move them to the sunny place to dry for 20 minutes.

3. Peel the flower from the folder and set it upside down. Attach the parts to fasten in ears and dry it again.

4. Cut and shape it.

Actually, I can’t make it now because I’m busy, but I’ll try it soon. There are many kinds of flowers in this season, so I believe that it is exciting. If you have interested in, why don’t you try it?


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