Blue, blue, blue !!

16 Jul

Blue, is my most favorite color.

If you open a closet in my room, then you’ll find a lot of BLUE clothes.

It’s a color of beautiful sky and ocean. 

This picture it what I took in my hometown. The sky is so far beautiful than Tokyo.

attachment00 (2)


Now, did you know Japan has many kinds of blue?

This is a chart of  Japanese traditional colors.










In the old days, Japanese craftsmen dyed fabrics recognizing these all colors.

If you have a blue Yukata, let’s try to find the color of it using above chart.


By the way, do you like donuts? (I’m sure everyone like it)

Mr. donuts is holding “Aoi-misdo campaign” (the Blue Mr.donuts Campaign) during this summer.

At the eight shops in Japan, you can eat special donuts and parfaits with cotton candy.

In Tokyo, the shop in Ikebukuro is a target of this campaign.




I want to try this blue donuts…so cute !

You can find the Aoi-misdo shop at Ikebukuro, Susukino, Sendai, Tokorozawa, Kanayama, Umeda, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.

Why don’t you try these cool sweets this summer?


Blue sea, blue sky… blue will make your summer happy.


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