Hair color

16 Jul

Have you ever dyed your hair? If  yes, why?

There are many reasons to change your hair color – trying another color, hating your original color, or following the fad.


Do you know Emma Stone? She is a famous American actress.

Her real hair color is blond, but when she changed her color into red due to the movie, many people said they like red better than blond, her original hair color.

Then, many teenage girls changed their hair colors into red.

However, Emma wasn’t happy so much when she heard that. She likes her red hair, but she wants them to treat their hair preciously. ” Hair color is one of your identities” she said.

Until I heard Emma’s word, I often changed my hair color because I didn’t like my original hair color so much, but now, I like my dark brown hair and  I’m taking care of my hair.

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