Linen Shirt

16 Jul

What your shirt image in summer?
Looks so hot?  Don’t wear it?
I think most of business person have to wear shirt, and they hate it because it’s uncomfortable in summer.

HOWEVER, have you ever try linen shirt?
Linen shirt change your negative image and problem!



Q Why linen shirt is popular in summer?
It has 3 reasons.
1st, Linen have a high water absorption rate and a water-repellent property.
So, when you get sweaty, Linen shirt catch and releases it. It makes you comfortable!

2nd, Linen is clean easy and tough.
Linen is tough cross so you can wash it many times. AND MORE, it makes shirt whiter than before.

3rd, Linen is soft and fluffy.
Linen’s fiver includes pectin which makes it soft and not tingly. AND MORE, it protect from the bacteria and bad smell.

In this summer, I already bought three linen shirts. It makes me comfortable! That’s reason why I recommend linen shirt for you!


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