my taste in colors

16 Jul

Today, I would like to show my favorite colors with some pictures.

I like 1. white 2. blue

1. white

One of my favorite colors is white, especially I like to wear white clothes as daily dress.


(This is not me, but her fashion suit my taste.)

I think that white makes me mild and pure.

2. blue

I like to have blue items as the accent of my fashion.

As I said, my daily dress is almost simple, so I need to use colorful items as the accent.

Processed with Moldiv

This is my backpack which I usually have.  When I dress some blue items, I feel cool and relax.  Feeling cool is important for me because I am sensitive to heat.  The combination of white and blue is good!

In addition, I know that blue affects our appetite.  When we see something of blue, our appetite will be increased.  That’s amazing!


I recommend you to have blue items to feel cool, relax and diet!


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