Fashion that I would not wear

23 Jul

In Japan there is a fashion category that is called “Visual kei”.

“Visual kei”  is a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often coupled with androgynous aesthetics.

Now a days we can see  a lot of  people imitating their styles and their fashion in the city.

Before I investigate “Visual kei” fashion, I didn’t know there were so  many sub-genres in it.

Kurofuku Kei –people who wear black clothing all over his body.


Angura Kei – the name stems from the English word underground. The style is derived from a cultural movement particularly that of independent theater in Japan from the 1960’s and the fervent political unrest from which the decade is known globally.  Angura theater is notably experimental and concerned with the Japanese mythos, that is Japanese beliefs, attitudes and cultural values.


Kote Kei – this type of “Visual Kei” is considered the oldest, original and most established form. It’s the classic look. Usually the hair style is dramatic as well as the clothing.

Oshare Kei – This sub genre is probably the most distinctive of all the sub genres, as well as the most well known. The word “oshare” means stylish or fashionable.The clothes tend to be more like street fashion and punk than other types.

Victorian/Lolita Kei– This style is considered more over the top,  more elegant, and has a stronger goth rock influence.

Eroguro Kei – The name is the combination of the English words “Erotic” and “Grotesque” often utilizing such extreme themes in an unnatural and twisted manner.

Koteosa Kei – This subgenre is a spin on “Oshare Kei”, being its black version.

Casual Kei– As the name implies, the “Casual Kei” look is a very basic everyday look, but in my opinion it is too gaudy and not even casual.


I  would not wear “Visual kei”.

This kind of fashions are too gaudy to me, and I have no courage to wear this kind of cloths in the city.

When I see people who are wearing “Visual kei” in the summer, it makes me feel more hotter.

I prefer more simple and casual style.



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