23 Jul

Hi, everyone. I’m Magumi. This is my last post. Time flies like an arrow. I feel little bit sad. Today I can write anything I want, so I will introduce my favorite fragrances!

Do you wear perfumes everyday? How decide fragrances?


I have 5 bottles of fragrances now, and I choose it depends on my feelings. When I was junior high school student, I loved to wear perfumes which were made by citrus fruits. After I grew up, I prefer flower fragrances. 

The middle bottle is cherry blossom fragrance. I bought it at the Body Shop in America. It is different from the fragrance which is called cherry blossom  smell in Japan, but I like this. It has vivid flower smell.

The second bottle from left is one of the body fantasy series. This is the most popular fragrance in that series, Freesia. I think this smell is ladylike so I wear it  when I want to be like lady.

The second bottle from right is also body fantasy series, White Musk. This is my favorite fragrance. When I wear it, I have self confidence. It makes me feel I can do anything!

I like other 2 perfumes, but the most attractive point is the shape of bottles. Pink glass bottles were looks so cute for me.

I choose perfumes depends on my feelings, but also these perfumes changes my feelings! So I love to wear these fragrances.

Thank you for reading!


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