How’s Sendai?

23 Jul

The theme is TRAVEL.

I’d like to recommend my home town, Sendai to visit this summer.

Do you know where Sendai is?

It’s the capital of Miyagi, you can go in 3 hours by shinkansen from Tokyo.

But I recommend high-way bus because it’s very cheap.(about 3,000-5,000 yen)

The famous foods of Sendai are Gyu-tan (ox-tongue) and Zunda-mochi (a rice cake with the paste of green soy beans).



Of course they are very delicious.

But in addition to these, there’re a lot of good foods.

Miyagi is between the sea and mountains. It enriches the food in Miyagi.

This is a picture of Harako-meshi.


Further, there’re long-established stores of Japanese sweets. As a person from Miyagi, I recommend that sweets to you.

This is a picture of Kiku-fuku, my favorite one. It’s icy and tastes green tea.




Tanabata fireworks festival, the one of biggest festival in Japan is held on August 8.

Tababata is usually September 7, but the Sendai-tanabata is special.

you can see beautiful ornaments called ‘fukinagashi’ around the streets in Sendai, and fireworks at night.


You have to pass these streets under the big ornaments, it very enjoyable.


Even in summer, Sendai is cooler than Tokyo and comfortable to stay.

It’s very big city than you imagine, and lots of amusement.

Why don’t you visit Sendai this summer?


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