If I Go To……

23 Jul

Last year, I went to America to study abroad. That was a first time to go abroad. It was a wonderful memory for me because everything I saw was new and I enjoyed shopping, eating and talking with my host family. I’m interested in other countries’ cultures more than before. So, if I have a chance to go abroad again, I want to go to………



I picked up some places where I want to go and things that I want to do. I must go there in spring because I want to see the tulip fields. “Keukenhof gaedens” is known that is the most beautiful park in the world.



I want to rotate art museums. There are many museums in this country because many famous artists are from this country. For example, Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt.



I LOVE MIFFY! Do you know that she is from the Netherlands? Miffy is an English name. People call Miffy Nijntje in the Netherlands. Utrecht is her hometown.  You can see many many Miffy goods there. In this town, the traffic lights are in Miffy’s shape!  If I go to this town, I have to care about my money……



I want to try to wear traditional clothes. It is so cute!!!!


I want to buy these traditional shoes as a souvenir. I have one already that is painted with Miffy on it because my mother’s friend gave me them as a gift when she went there.


Which country do you want to travel? And what do you want to do?




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