My best partner

23 Jul

Are you particular about your fashion?

For me, I love sneakers:)

I love collecting lovely sneakers a lot.

Sneakers are so comfortable to wear.

I used to wear high heels or sandals but I realized how comfortable sneakers are.

Then, before I knew it, I was already under the spell of sneakers….

Especially I like the items from adidas.

These are my favorite items.



I’m almost always worn these sneakers.

But in addition to adidas, there are good companies which have great products in the world.

For example, Nike or New balance are also popular among people in Japan today.

Then,do you know Nike ID?

This is the wonderful service that we are free to create your shoes as you like.
You can do this on the internet or at Nike store in Harajuku.

I’ve done that service once at Harajuku store.

I wanted a sneakers of naivy color and I liked yellow green at that times.

So I chose yellow green as insole of shoes.

This is the completed products.


If you don’t have your favorite sneakers yet, you might as well make it for only you.


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