My Travel Partner

23 Jul

Hello, everyone!

I want to introduce my travel partner. It is camera.

I like traveling. I wanted to make a photographic record of place and a street scene I visited and people I met. Also, I wanted camera to take a baseball player. So, I decided to buy a single-lens reflex camera! I  love it! I think this camera is more efficient than a digital camera. The quality of pictures taken by this camera are excellent and the shutter speed is good. In addition, I can do video shooting.

However someone think a single-lens reflex camera is heavy, big and expensive. Certainly, this camera are difficult for women because it is a little big and hard to handle. But, recently Japanese people who have a shingle-lens reflex camera are called ” Camera Joshi”. Camera is enjoying a boom  now among women. Therefore, there are some easy camera. My camera is for beginner, too.



I think people who hang a camera from their neck are very cool. Camera is also a part of fashion.

I have a plan to go  to Okinawa, France and Hawaii. So I will bring my camera and take beautiful pictures.




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