Shirt cloth

23 Jul

Have you ever concentrated for shirt cloth?

I recommend choosing cloth when you buy shirt because it change you more comfortable!

Now, I introduce 4 standard cloths and this function.


  1. Broad

Broad has a burnish and silky smooth. It’s usually used for men’s clothing. And I think most of school uniform uses it. If you go to important appointment or wedding party, I recommend it for you. It looks very dressy, so it makes you cool.



  1. Oxford

Oxford is little thicker than other cloth, but it is good to let air through. If you care for sheer underwear, you have to choice it. It is used for button-down shirt, so looks casual. And more, this name is from university of Oxford.



  1. Chambray

Chambray uses 2 color threads. It is thin and pastel color. So you can see it SS season a lot.



  1. Herringbone

Herringbone mean herring which is fish bone. It looks like fish bone.


Let’s enjoy shirt!


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