23 Jul

Do you know each tie design has a meaning? Are you caring for it?

Now, I introduce 4 standard tie designs and this meaning.


  1. Strip

Stripe tie is most common design. And it used in serious seen a lot. For example, we can see it at presidential election.  Some Japanese business man uses it for important appointment, because they believe in a jinx.

GIORGIO ARMANI (ジョルジオ アルマーニ) ネクタイ N-ARM-A00367 Gray系


  1. Regimental

Regimental is used in US school. In US has a school tie, and it has a rule for stripe pitch, color, and design for each school or group.

CELINE ネクタイ 538-7

  1. Dot

Dot is most familiar design. Small dot is good for business, big dot for casual. It is recommend for party.

CELINE ネクタイ 553-4

  1. Paisley

In Japan, Old person use it a lot. But I recommend it for young! If you can use it well, you looks so fashionable!

Let’s enjoy tie!


One Response to “Tie”

  1. ikkonakane November 12, 2014 at 9:46 am #

    I enjoyed your information because of I am interested in fashion.

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