My favorite magazines and models

24 Jul

Do you read fashion magazines?  I would like to introduce my favorite magazines and models.


They are SEDA and Choki Choki girls.

There are trends of fashion about “Aomoji-kei” in these magazines.  What is “Aomoji-kei”?

It is a kind of fashion which we can see in Harajuku and Omotesando.  Of course, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a model of “Aomoji-kei”

The fashion styles of SEDA are not so showy, so they are very helpful for me to decide my clothes.


Especially, I’m always imitated by my favorite models.


They are Natsume Mito and Saki Shibata.  They are very fashionable and cute.

In addition, I can imitate them easily because they are also short.

I correct their information not only from magazines but also from their Twitter and blogs.

Why don’t you check their sweet appearance?


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