24 Jul

Almost all Japanese girls get into a flap at this time of year because many department stores hold “summer sale.” Especially, there is the best shopping area in Japan. That is HARAJUKU!

From today, one of the most famous buildings in Harajuku started holding summer sale. The building is Laforet HARAJUKU.



At Laforet, you can enjoy “crazy” shopping from July 24th to 28th this year. You can buy clothes with super cheap price, and  different special time sales will be held in this period, so you can enjoy shopping every day! For example, you can get 20% off coupon if you arrived there by 2 pm (that is called “the morning ticket”), you can buy clothes that is sold at only Laforet, and so on. Some shop sells all clothes in 1990 yen, and other shop sells shoes in 60% off!

If you never go to this sale, you should go!  However, you have to be ready that so many people visit Laforet in this period. All shops are full of crazy people!!!!!You can’t shop slowly. The speed is important!

I love shopping and this sale. In fact, I went to Laforet today. There are  many many many people at all stores. I was tired, but I could get my favorite brands’ clothes in cheap price! So excited! If I had more money and time, I would buy more clothes.


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