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Christmas Event

30 Nov

When Christmas comes I remember the event of my home town.

In my home town Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture), there is a famous winter event called “Hikari no Pageant”

So many buildings and tree lined streets are covered in small lights.

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The town is covered in lights and we can walk in the lights

It’s so beautiful.

You should go if you’re interested in it.

Maybe you can’t forget it forever.


Christmas cakes

26 Nov

I like eating and cooking Christmas cakes.


This cake is Christmas cake of France.

Bush means firewood, and Noel means Christmas.


Strawberry short cake is very popular as a Christmas cake,

but..I don’t like it because I dislike fresh cream!


This cake is Panettone from Italy. It is the Christmas cake which mix dried fruit and baked.

There are many Christmas cakes all over the world.

What kind of Christmas cake do you want to eat?


26 Nov

I like Christmas verrrry  much!! This season makes me exciting!!

Warm lights, Warm color goods, Christmas trees…. Fantastic!!

When Christmas coming, town change to Christmas color : )

Usually, i make gingerbread men , and dinner for Christmas.

Also  I wear some Christmas goods on the day of Christmas.

 Like this (Lol)

It liven up the atmosphere!!!

In addition, I don’t know why, but I want to wear very cute clothes on Christmas day.

Christmas movie

26 Nov

There are many Christmas movie all over the world.

I recommend finding out your best Christmas movie.

Of course, I have it too.

1. Home Alone

home alone

2. It’s a Wonderful Life


These movie are very heat-warming story.

If you love Christmas, you can surely find out best Christmas movie.

Good luck!

Santa Claus Parade in Shinjuku

26 Nov

The word “Christmas” is associated with Santa Claus and we’ll imagine his red and white costume.

I like this costume because the colors go together well.


In Shinjuku, Santa Claus parade is held every year. In this parade, about 100 people wear the costume of Santa Claus and distribute sweets to everyone who are walking around them. Moreover, they also pick up garbage while they are walking, so they do a really good job!

If I have a chance, I want to join the parade.


I think, Santa Claus is the symbol of kindness, so the conscientious activity is held and Santa Claus is always loved by everyone.

Santa Claus

26 Nov

In a childhood, most of people were believing Santa Claus. Of course I was believing him. Now I have known he is fictitious person, however I `m always reminding about him when Christmas approached every winters. But I don`t know about him at all.

Today, I want to introduce about his history.


His original person is a Saint Nicholas, he is said he was a bishop in the Roman Empire in A.D.270. He had had a large amount of wealth, he had gained the enormous money for poor people. Especially, he helped poor children, therefore at present he is said he presents something for child.

At this time, I finish  talking about him. I hope  everyone is going to  have a good Christmas.


26 Nov

Hello. I will introduce my Christmas.

On Christmas day I eat Christmas cake and go and see Christmas illumination.


Especially, I like Yomiuri Land in Tokyo. Because there are beautiful and large scale illumination also many attractions.

In my childhood I used to decorate Christmas tree with my family.

It is my good memory.