I love winter clothes

12 Nov

Hi, I want to introduce about my winter fashion. I like wearing a coat in winter, therefore, today I post some coat’s photos and explain about that which I have ever clad with a coat.


The first coat is a P-coat. It is a famous coat and many people like the form of the coat. Of course I like the coat however many people have that one.  Therefore, I hesitate wearing that.

The second coat is a down coat. It is so warm and if you wear the coat, you would be seen more adult.

The last coat is a Mods coat. This coat has an image of military, people can wear casually the coat.


Last photo is my photo that wear a coat. This coat is a duffle coat. It is a also famous coat and if you wore the coat, you would look cute or child. But it is easy to coordinate with other clothes. So I like it.


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