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My favorite color

31 Dec

I like pink!
Actually, I didn’t like it before.
My image of ‘Pink’ is so girly and sweetly, so I didn’t like pink.
However, recently I realized I have many pink color items.
I became to accept pink and now, I like it!!!



My favorite color

30 Dec

I like pale color, for example, white(Especially, off white), gray, beige.

I like Ragdoll(Cat). I’m inspired by this cat.

Ragdoll is looks fluffy, elegant, cute, and also dolly.
I thought if i use those color in my fashion, i could be like Ragdoll.
So, i often wear those kind of colors.
Actually, I don’t kept Ragdoll, but I want to live with Ragdoll someday.

Favorite colors

22 Dec

I like simple fashions so I often wear black, white, gray, such quiet colors because I feel a little embarrassed to wear bright colors for clothes.

However, I like to use red for an accent color. For example, I put red on bags, shoes, socks, and makeups. Red change an atmosphere and makes  me a little fashionable.

It is my favorite bag. I use it frequently.On the other hand, the bag is really small……I want to get new bigger red bag.


Black and Red

17 Dec

Hello, I will introduce about my favorite color.

I prefer to wear Black or White clothes, but I actually love red accesoriies.

Most of the small things that I have is RED. However, I don’t put on the red clothes, because I want to make myself look as smartly dressed all the times.

Moreover if I wear black clothes, my red accesories would look very nice!

Please try to wear dark color clothes, and put on some vivid color accesories.

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Yellow dress

17 Dec

My favorite color is yellow because I like Disney movie s’ Beauty and the Beast.

heroine is Belle.

She wore a beautiful yellow dress. so yellow remaind me of her and her s’ mind.

She is not real people just Disney charactor.


But I respect her. I want to wear yellow dress someday!!

My Favorite Color

17 Dec

I like Red color most!!

So, when I buy some clothes, and accessories, I tend to buy red one!

Why I like red most is because red is very cute for me,

and made me active feelings!

I searched red psychology effects on the internet.

Red feels heat and warmth, increases an appetite,feels progress to be early at time, etc..

I’ll like red from now on too:) Thank you for reading.


my favorite color

17 Dec

unnamedHello(*^^*) I will introduce my favorite color.

I love Pink color, because it has the image of kindness, cute.

On the internet, pink color has some effect on us, especially Relax.

I love this color too much, so there are a lot of pink things around me.

Thank you.