Must item in my travel

3 Dec

I think these 2 items are must items when I go to another country. I always bring these items to there.

1st one is [three pockets wallet.]


It is very convenient because I can separate to use my money from yen, dollars, and coins. Usually, I put my dollars into the top, Japanese yen into the middle pocket, and coins into the bottom pocket. So I don’t need to prepare many wallets for them.Actually I have many wallets that this type’s one. The shoulder type is very useful, but there is a possibility, risk of pickpocket.



The 2nd item is [Ziploc-bag] that IKEA’s one!


When I separate my clothes or to put away something soiled things, this item is very useful. I really recommend you to bring it in your travel.

If you bring these items when you go to travel, you can enjoy and spend your travel more comfortable than before definitely!!


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