Trend Color in 2015

2 Jan

It is a bit complicated but PANTONE (,which is a corporation headquarter in New Jersey,) decides”Pantone Fashion Color Report” just after New York Fashion Week, and also decides”Pantone color of the year ” every December. This time “Marsala” was chosen as the “Pantone color of the year “, which is a kind of bright brown and it makes us think coffee and chocolate. This year it might be a key color in fashion industry!


Moreover they reported “Pantone Fashion Color Report (which has got 10 colors) ” just after New York Fashion Week last September. It said that this spring and summer there will be a move to the cooler and softer side of the color rather than last season in 2014.

20140915_2015ss.043-thumb-600xauto-2477 20140915_2015ss.044-thumb-600xauto-2479

It might bring us a theme of ‘en plein air’, which we could translate “painting on the ground”. The color makes us think soft and warm tone and it is like we head into warmer months.


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