14 Jan

I love traveling abroad with a back pack.

When I was in second grade of KUIS, I went to South East Asia for about 1 month with my friend.

We went to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnum and Myanmar.

In Thailand we met many back packers from abroad.

It was exciting to talk and drink with them.

In Cambodia, of course, we went to Angkor Wat.

We went to Muiney to saw white and red desert in vietnum.

I can’t forget the sunset in desert.

Before going to Myanmer, I couldn’t imagine How country it is.

I just knew people in Myanmer are kind, but they were kinder than my image.

All people I met were kind. Everyone smiled. Everyone talked to us.

Everyone helped us. It was a beautiful country.

I want to go again someday.



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