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My collection

25 Jan

These are my handkerchiefs.
It’s just a part of my handkerchiefs.


I bring it everyday and when I forget it, I’ll be depressed.

My handkerchiefs are small size, but it is not bulky in my bags.
Also, I think this sizes has cuter design than big one.
That is why I like small size of it!!!


My favorite color

31 Dec

I like pink!
Actually, I didn’t like it before.
My image of ‘Pink’ is so girly and sweetly, so I didn’t like pink.
However, recently I realized I have many pink color items.
I became to accept pink and now, I like it!!!


3 Dec

I think many people don’t like packing, but I’m not.

I have confidence in my packing that I can  pack up my things like a puzzle.

I enjoy a packing always.

As for the packing before go back to my home,  I’m not happy because I don’t want to leave from a travel destination.

However after I arrived at  my home and I opened my suitcase, my feeling will better thanks to the arranged baggage.

Christmas illuminations

25 Nov

Speaking of Christmas, I think up with decorated illuminations.

When I was child, I went to see home illuminations every year.

In spite of being child, I thought about how much it will cost an electricity bill.

This year, I’m going to go to Tokyo to see illuminations.

Illuminations are merely spangled, but it makes me smile and happy.

Gloves and Mitten glove

25 Nov

I like winter the best!!!

I like to bundle up in warm clothes.

Gloves are essential goods when go outside.

There are various styles and colors.


Recently, useful gloves are appeared that can touch cellphone’s screen with wearing gloves.