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Kicks Life

28 Jan

Kickcs is the sneaker and these are the best part of fashion I think.

Actually I’m a one of geek of kicks and I have over 30. However I want more and more… I think if clothes are same is tiring but if you only kicks change, coordinate is changing. And kicks is interesting becouse if you buy same size and same tipe, but if brand is different, it’s go ing to be  a different one. All kicks have different faces and we should understand it and control it. Of course I can’t do thesse yet, so I’m trying.


This is my favorit one “Air Yeezy2”. This is made by Nike and famousHip-Hop musician Kanye West. I think this kicks is very cool but I don’t know how to wear it, so somone please teach me…



My favorit color

28 Jan

My favorit color is Blue becouse blue is simbol of coolness and sea. Blue makes me cool becouse i lose my temper easily.

Blue is earth, sky and sea. When I’m watching those of blues, I feel I have the place to back. I feel I have a friend to trust and I can feel I’m not lonley, I’m just over thinking about all of things

So I love Blue so much.


I took this picture at Enoshima 4AM. And this picture’s beautiful makes me happy.

Travel to meet my sister.

28 Jan

Last summer, I went to New Zealand to meet my little sister. My sister go to NZ’s high school, so she isn’t in Japan and i really miss her. So I decided to go to NZ. I really didn’t know about NZ, so I searched and suprized. I thought NZ was like Ameriica but it’s completly different, it’s like grassland. It becaouse a lot of people is farmer and they all have own farm. So I took my skatebord to NZ

In NZ, I enjoyed very much, played eith my sister a lot and eat meat and sarmon a lot.

Ireally want to go there again.

And I wish my sister enjoy her life.


The Latest Christmas

28 Jan

Hi guys, actually, last week, finally I spent my chritmas time with my girl friend. Becaouse we were busy, we had no time to meet. So we decided to go to Tokyo Disney Risort and celebrate christmas and new

We met at Maihama station at 8AM and went to Disney Sea and fun a lot. enjoyed many atractions, food and events. Especially, one of big show called “fantasmic” was excellent. A lot of disney characters were dancing, CG projection was beoutiful and fireworks wer emotional.



We knew christmas was over, but we believe those kind of ceremoneies are up to our heart. So maybe our chriymas was latest ever but best ever.

Is winter unfashionable season?

3 Dec

Almost my friends said winter is unfashionable season because of coldness. It means everyone tend to pick clothes by warmth or comfort, so, looks is  like bulky. Moreover, I don’t know why but a lot of brands turn over dark color clothes.


However, these days, some fashion brands publish bright color coats or tight but warm clothes. If we can get these items our coordinates will be more fashionable and feel fun to spend winter life more.

image (1)image (2)

Last one is my coordinate of winter taken by Ikko. I’m not super fashionable but I always think about balance of color. About this coordinate, I picked green as main color and to moderate green I wore blue shirt and denim, and last, not to slant color, I pull dark brown hat over my head.

Winter is not unfashionable season as long as people think about shape or color.